Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Americans have protested against our governments unjust wars and cruel policies for decades, all without any sort of beneficial outcome to the greater population of our planet.  I invite you to think of our efforts of past and present times, has protesting gotten us anywhere?  Did we change anything? Did they even listen to what you had say?   The answer is absolutely not!  There has been and continues to be more blood shed for money than our ideals.  Words will never deflect bullets in a battlefield nor will they ever move the hearts of the men who control them.  Are we merely cattle?     

I assure you, wall st. has fought with bombs, bullets and broken bottles for they're money and power, I believe we're entitled to defend ourselves from tyranny and the enslavement of mankind.  When will we fight back for our freedom and families? Will evil prevail because good men are doing absolutely nothing to stop them?